Sunday, April 1, 2007

Joanna & Fritz in Europe, Day 4

It's the last day Fritz will be able to visit with Camillo. It's spring break, and his mother, Kornelia, is closing up their home to go visit with her folks back in Yugoslavia. So the Fritz, Camillo and I grab a bite to eat at the corner coffee shop. Then we picked up Martin and drove around the city.

Fritz wanted me to see Kahlenberg, the highest point in Vienna that overlooks the city. From there you can see the Danube River as well.

There is a Polish church -- a church is called kirche (KEHR-kay) -- at the summit of Kahlenberg, and there is a memorial there to Pope John Paul II, who when he was in Vienna went to visit actually prayed in this church.

We went on a mini hike and it was time to take Camillo back home. He lives in the suburbs of Vienna, a place called Deutsch Wagram. Poor Camillo, the four of us ganged up on him so he could do better in school. The good news is that Camillo likes me: He even started saying "phenomenal" to me at certain times -- those who know me know that that word is one of my favorites.

It's late by the time we head back to district 2 in Vienna. We are already in Max Winter Platz 6 when we realize that we haven't eaten since the afternoon. It's Sunday night, and not much is open, so Fritz suggest we head to a wurstelstand -- 24-hour kiosks scattered around the city where people grab a quick bite to eat. We drive to district 1 and find parking and start strolling through the streets and window shopping.

We come upon a wurstelstand and all of a sudden a crowd begins to converge. By instinct, I want to run over and get on line, but Fritz tells me to hold back. "Let them go first," he said. "That way, they get the food that's been sitting on the grill and we'll get the fresh stuff." Well, what can I say, but that he really knows his way around Vienna.

I had a kaserkreiner, which looks like a grilled hot dog but is much, much better than any hot dog I ever tasted in New York. Fritz had a leberkase, which looked like thick bologna but again was much more tasty than that. We shared a beer, and the tab came out to a grand total of 8 euros!!


liz said...

joanna, you are so descriptive, it's like i'm there with you. camillo is dreamy looking!

MotownRunnerGirl said...

this is freaking great!! who's the dude without a shirt?? sorry. i'm a gutter head.