Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fritz & Joanna in Europe, Day 3

Fritz took the car to pick up Camillo while I worked on the blog. When they returned, we started horsing around with the camera. Then we got in the car and drove to the first district, the fancy schmancy part of town -- and also the most cultured. I was busy taking pictures as father and son strolled through the streets. Sometimes, from behind, they almost look like buddies or even twins!!

We ended up at the Krah Krah, one of Fritz's old haunts. Fritz had an ex-girlfriend, Nikki, who used to work there, and he was heavily going down memory lane. Camillo got a coke, I ordered Budweiser and Fritz got us little tasty nibbly things. Budweiser in Austria is NOT the same Budweiser in the U.S. The Budweiser in Austria tastes smooth and more potent.

We drove Camillo back home and prepared for dinner with the folks again. This time, we went to a Czechoslovakian place -- Tanya's people are from there. There was a violin player who was really very talented. He got Fritz's dad into the mood. Everytime the man played a tune, Fritz's dad would say to me proudly, "This is from my country." He was talking about Hungary. Fritz's father was born into the Austro-Hungarian empire in a part of Austria called Burgenland. It is on the border of Hungary.

The food was phenomenal!! We drank schnapps, and by the end I was almost joining in singing old folk songs! After dinner, we drove to Tanya's for coffee and cake. The cake was made by Fritz's mother, and it was jammed packed with apricots.

We ended the evening waking Martin up and hanging with him for about an hour. We listened to music and decided to take photos to record the moment. I'm always talking about Martin, so it was a great opportunity to record "history." That word "history" is one of the buzzwords of this trip. Anyway, we leave Martin with a promise to pick him up earlier so we can hang out by daylight. He's cool with that, so we head back to Max Winter Platz 6 and crash.


Sammy said...

You are having such a fabulous time, aren't you? Keep sharing...

Steve said...

Joanna, this is awesome! I love being able to read about your adventures! :)

Looks like you figured out Blogspot pretty well!

You're not missing anything in NYC. I hear screaming kids out in Times Square, so someone must be at MTV...

liz said...

joanna, dude, you go all the way to vienna and drink a budweiser?!
stick to the schnapps!